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by Amanda Woller

Peace… Love… And Hoppiness! Corvirtus customer Hopdoddy Burger Bar opened their first restaurant in Austin, Texas a few short years ago and their buns are already all the rage…even Jimmy Kimmel worthy!  Along with their extraordinary burgers, shakes, and cocktails, Hopdoddy has a vibe and feel that exemplifies its culture - a big competitive advantage. How does Hopdoddy do it? Simple…their vision is integrated into everything they do.



The Culture of Ned

by James Ringler

What does wedding cake have to do with culture? Much more than you think! I’m getting married this summer and a wedding means cake and, as it turns out, there is more than one style of wedding cake. In fact, there are apparently a lot of decisions that must be made - a lot of “big decisions” according to my fiancée. Consequently, a two hour meeting was scheduled for us to meet with a pastry chef. To my surprise, I had a beyond enjoyable experience on that day and I came to know it as, "The Culture of Ned." Read on to find out how Chef Ned created a culture that makes even the most skeptical groom a die-hard cake fan!